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What happens if I become unable to care for myself?


What happens if I become unable to care for myself? | Freilich Law | Michael Freilich | | (410) 321-0040

If you have a properly prepared advanced medical directive, that’ll tell what’s supposed to happen to you. If you had a meeting with an attorney who’s been able to direct your estate planning, then you would probably have long-term care and that would cover it. It also depends upon your assets.

But then the question is, what does it mean to be unable to care of yourself? Do you have the mental ability but not the physical, do you have the physical but not the mental, or you’re problematic with both? Typically, in those cases, one goes to court and a guardian is appointed. Depending upon the amount and type of your assets, you would then probably eligible for Medicaid. Under Medicaid, which is a welfare program, you would be taken care of by the state. They may step in, and depending on the state, and take other roles. But you would probably use up most of your assets unless was properly taken care of.

Posted on March 30, 2018