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Client Reviews

Client Reviews

We are so grateful for all the help Michael Freilich gave us. He was so kind, professional, and timely. He reviewed our case making sure he understood the facts and gave us excellent advice making sure we understood our options. We found Michael to be a very generous man who genuinely wanted to help us save both time and money. We enthusiastically recommend Michael to anyone who needs help with a legal matter.

Maureen Rutkowski

When it became time for us to sell our hair salon business after 32 years, we needed the advice and services of a local attorney.  We had gotten a couple of references from others but after talking with them over the phone we decided to look on line.  We found Michael’s information and based on his years of service to the Baltimore area we gave him a call.  His frank, no nonsense demeanor lead us to making an appointment with him.  After meeting with him we were convinced that he was going to provide us the services we were looking for. He was able draft up an agreement that assured us what we needed. The contract covered all items we were looking for and included some details that we did not think of but were necessary in closing out this chapter in our lives free of unforeseen complications.  The settlement went smoothly, Michael handled all of the negotiations and was able to get us what we were looking to get from the sale.  We found Mr. Freilich to be a pleasant, capable attorney that we would certainly use again.

Jim and Sunny P.

I’ve known Michael Freilich for over five years professionally. During that time he has represented me in a number of business transactions demonstrating an incredible command of the law combined with exceptionally concise written interrogatories and arguments. As impressive as these gifts were to me at the time, they were only surpassed by his courtroom presence.
Those who referred me to him told me that if a case actually went to court, I’d have nothing to be concerned about. I was not misinformed. Along with the jury, I sat mesmerized as I watched Michael dissect opposing counsel. I later learned that courtroom appearances are no longer common in Michael’s practice. Most attorneys would much rather settle their cases out of court than take on Michael in person before a jury.
Needless to say, I had Michael take a look at my will, trusts and living will. All were found lacking; all were redone with the incredible attention to the smallest detail which characterizes Freilich Law .

Timothy V.

Let’s face it lots of lawyers are smart. This guy is brilliant. Further, he is genuinely wise. Yes, he knows how to win, and he’ll also help you figure out what is in your short term and long-term best interest. He’s also easy to talk to. I like that.

All these make for a very powerful combination.

Further, he has expertise and mastery, particularly in the area of Real Estate Law, medical malpractice and estate planning. No, he is NOT a settlement attorney. He is the person you want to call when you have real issues and need a real attorney. I can’t recommend him enough. I’ve even over-heard the opposing attorneys get advice from him at the conclusion of a case.

How did I find him … a lawyer told me that this was the finest lawyer he knew and who he uses.

Sharon B.

Michael Freilich has been my attorney for several years.  During that time he has looked out for my personal and business interests in an effective and caring manner that none of the other attorneys that I have had dealings with since moving to Baltimore over 20 years ago.  Have.

He has provided both my wife and me with his professional advice on domestic events and primarily on medical and estate planning as the two issues interface and as the laws have changed over the past years and in light of the current worldwide pandemic, in order to protect both my family and financial interests and those of my wife’s, while attempting to protect ourselves if institutionalized for medical reasons.  This included minimizing the medical impact and tax implications should we not survive, and, because we have a blended family, by maintaining our individual wishes in distributing our estate to future generations consisting of grown children and our grandchildren who range in age from infants to adults.

Jeffrey M,  CHEP, CHCM, WSO-CSE, CSP (Ret.)

When looking for a competent, no nonsense attorney that knows the law and has a good working relationship within the legal community, look no further. Licensed in multiple States, Michael gets the work done. Whether Medical, Corporate, Civil, Michael Freilich is an expert. I have been a client of Michael Freilich for over three decades and has represented me in Court, Corporate work, Medical, Domestic, Land Dispute, plus Will, Power of Attorney and more. Plus, Michael does the work. When you hire Michael Freilich, you get Michael Freilich. Let’s face it. Lawyers are costly so it’s paramount to hire someone competent that gives you results. Hire Michael Freilich. He’s the one who gets it done.

A Long Standing Client, David

Michael Freilich is the lawyer to go to if you want your legal issues solved in a professional and timely manner. He will give you the time and the attention needed to settle your problems or will find out the best way to handle your case. I would recommend him to anyone who needs the services of a lawyer and wants one of the best around.

Sandra M

MLF is both a legal scholar and a lawyer’s lawyer. When it comes to a tough decision in the law I always consult Michael. He has an in-depth knowledge of the rules of law and how to make them work for his clients. I always refer my estates and trusts issue clients to Michael Freilich, Esq

John S

I want to acknowledge my appreciation for the skills and knowledge of the law shown by Michael Freilich who is acting as my family’s attorney. A series of unfortunate events brought my sister almost to the point of bankruptcy as she tried to pay the nursing home care for her husband.

Michael Freilich is very interactive with his client. He calls us with any information he sees as benefiting our case and shares that information before recommending any action. He is great in returning our calls regarding any question we might have.

Michael Freilich has a catalog of resources to bring into play as he acts in our defense against attempts against the interest of my sister. My sister’s husband is a post-World War II veteran. Since I needed the help of someone who is familiar with the rights and benefits available to both my sister and her husband, he made the necessary resources available to me. I needed a source of possible property financing for her home. He was able to put me in touch with multiple banks and loan officers who could assist me. Michael’s interaction with other lawyers involved in the case has been superior and extremely beneficial to us.

Michael Frielich’s communication skills, as shown by his writing, is exemplary. He is able to identify specific problems with the wording of contracts that can possibly be harmful to our case, work with the other lawyers involved to meet their needs and rewrite the document.

We are entirely pleased with the work Michael Freilich has done for us and will gladly recommend him to friends and have already done so.



Mr. Baldwin

Michael Freilich Will “Have Your Back”

Michael Freilich has represented my interests through several difficult moments in my life. He assisted me in providing for the safety and security of my young sons as I divorced their father. I confess that I was kind of overwrought many times through that process, and Michael was more patient and kind than a lawyer should ever have to be throughout. I always, always, felt that he had my back and would ensure that it would be “okay” in the end. As it is. The kids and I are ok, with a huge “thank you” being owed to Michael for this result. Additionally, I was rear ended in a traffic accident, seriously injured, and without Michael’s help I would not have been able to navigate the maze-like insurance company process to receive the compensation I needed. Also, (and I respect this tremendously), If ever I have a legal question or a need that is not in his particular perview, he has always been resourceful beyond belief, sharing his broad scope of knowledge and contacts, helping me to find the best specific advocate possible. I have referred family and friends to Michael If they expressed the need for legal advice for years, and confidently recommend him to you now. Contact Michael Freilich; he will help.


We love dealing with Michael

We have used Michael for personal and business issues. I am impressed with his depth of knowledge of the law. The spectrum of issues that we have borough before him over the years he has either able to quickly reference the statue or put his hand on it. If it is not an area he is versed in he is extremely connected to the legal community that he has made good referrals to or brought on the right partner to help. Michael is always my first call.


Knows the judges and the lawyers

A true legal scholar. In my experience he is a lawyer’s lawyer. I send him my friends and he has served them well. As a lawyer myself, I always consult Michael on my tough calls.


Michael Freilich was able to resolve a serious legal problem that involved my sister. He had a catalog of resources to bring into play as he acted in our defense against attempts that were harmful toward her interest. My sister’s husband is a post-World War II veteran. Since I needed the help of someone who was familiar with the rights and benefits available to both my sister and her husband, he made the necessary resources available to me. I needed a source of possible property financing for her home. He was able to put me in touch with multiple banks and loan officers who could and did assist me. Michael’s interaction with other lawyers involved in the case have been superior and extremely beneficial to us. My review of Michael Freilich is based on his outstanding knowledge of the law and his many contacts and resources. The resolutions would not have reached the satisfactory end without his legal mind.