More than 40 years experience

Videos and Conferences

For the last several years I have been using technology to reduce the number of in person visits at my office. The technologies I have been using are Skype and Zoom. This permits us to have face-to-face meetings, but without being physically in each other’s presence in the same room. We use our computers to carry our images and words as if we were in the same room.
We can use this technology to conduct meetings, interviews, depositions, review documents together, and usually avoid the necessity of traveling to meet each other. We can also use this technology for trial preparation, witness preparation. All with the savings of travel time.
One of the technologies I use permits us to communicate face-to-face with others without the other having to install a separate program on their device. We are in a face-to-face meeting. I call you at your email address. You respond on your device. And we can see and talk to each other. Of course, you have to have a device with video capability and internet. Most laptops today have video capability, many other devices either have video capability or can add a small accessory device to produce video capability. This becomes an easy option. It avoids schlepping.