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Is Having A Duplicate Passport Important?


Under current regulations, the Department of the U.S State allows citizens to have two valid and separate duplicate passports. A few reasons to hold a duplicate passport are:

  1. Americans commonly get the passports stolen or lose them go aboard. You can request emergency passports as a replacement, but it is not easy and may be expensive. Emergencies rarely occur at a convenient places or times. An emergency passport will only be good if you have to enter your own country. This means you may have to obtain another passport before or in midst of an international trip, in case a passport is necessary for the destination.
  2. Having a duplicate passport will allow you to continue your travel plans without changes. If the passport is lost or stolen, report this to the United States State Department and local authorities, so that you can continue on your journey. An essential benefit of a duplicate passport is the emotional security knowing a duplicate passport available in case of an emergency.
  3. Few countries will ask you for travel insurance and a visa before you enter their country. A few countries have stricter requirements, like Russia. If you are planning a second international trip with countries like these or are in a process of applying for another country, then you can be a passport short.
  1. Passports are stamped when you enter a country. At times, the stamps volume and visas on a passport are problematic in entering a country. If you travel to the Middle East, then having specific stamps on your passport can create difficulties for you.

If you think that a duplicate passport is not appropriate for your circumstances, then there are two alternatives that you can consider and they can be a good substitute for your passport. On the basis of your travel plans, a passport card or trusted traveler card may be helpful. Each of these can be obtained for less than the cost of a passport and eacg has many uses. Although a duplicate passport in my view is the better choice.a

Always Before Traveling, — double-check the warnings by the US State Department.

Although they may not receive legal recognition, it is recommended to prepare properly before traveling by making and taking with you a medical power of attorney, power of attorney and a medical directive with your  wishes for your medical treatment. Take originals with you!

Michael Freilich, Esq

Posted on February 12, 2021