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Do I need a lawyer for my closing as a seller?


Do I need a lawyer for my closing as a seller? | Freilich Law | Michael Freilich | | (410) 321-0040

Yes, but you may not need to have your lawyer physically present. Again, the title companies will typically take burdens that I feel they should take and try to lay them off on you. They typically have the seller sign an affidavit of title. Typically, that affidavit of title works out giving more protection to the titling insurance company than to the buyer, and certainly not to you. What’s important is frequently it has you making promises and representations that are not contained in your contract of sale, it’s broad overreaching. In addition, there are disputes that blow up at a title table, and typically an attorney there can help. In my practice, I try to review every document you’re to sign in advance. That includes, the deed, the settlement closing sheet or the HUD one, and any affidavits they want you to sign. And typically I negotiate most of the affidavits out of existence, or advise you and go over with you, and then you decide whether you wanna go through with the closing or have them switch title companies.

Posted on March 30, 2018