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What are some of the key documents signed at the real estate closing?


What are some of the key documents signed at the real estate closing? | Freilich Law | Michael Freilich | | (410) 321-0040

That depends upon the jurisdiction in which you’re located. The primary document at the real estate closing is the deed from the seller to the buyer. Deeds differ, the quality of the title differs. You need a real estate attorney to check it out. What quality of deed you get is contained in the contract of sale. Again, you need an attorney to do that. Typically, you don’t have cash, and typically, people borrow money, so there are documents that a lender’s going to want, which will include a deed of trust, a deed of trust note, or a mortgage, and/or a mortgage note. In Maryland, we do not use mortgage notes.

Then, there are other documents, which will include various affidavits and representations, which are required in order to obtain a title insurance policy. There are two title insurance policies at a settlement, one for the lender, which covers just about everything, and one for the buyer, which covers whatever the buyer has the strength to negotiate. There are other documents too, but that’s pretty much it.

Posted on March 30, 2018

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