Videoconferencing – in my practice

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For more than 40 years last past, with few exceptions, I would not accept anyone as a client whom I had not met. With videoconferencing this is no longer required, we can meet through the Internet.

We begin with a telephone call in which we agree to a video conference. I call you to initiate the video conference. The need to then meet me at my office or at some other place of our choosing is eliminated for most, if not all, of what needs to be done. Sometimes we do need to meet face to face, but it depends upon the nature of the work, and what needs to be done, among other factors.

With today’s technology environment, virtually any smart phone can be made into a “fax machine.” Technologically it’s almost as simple is taking a picture of a document. Download the appropriate app take a picture of the documents. Email the documents to me.

With the appropriate videoconferencing, we can both look at the documents at the same time, see and hear each other, and discuss the legal matters.

In addition, since I accept most major credit cards, the fee for my services can be paid over the phone.